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PHP RFC: Third-Party editing of RFCs


Discussion of contested RFCs on the internals mailing lists sometimes creates a cycle of repeating the same arguments ad nauseam. Ideally the RFC author will summarize these arguments (pro and con) accurately in the RFC, but this layer of translation can lead to inaccurate representation of arguments. Conversely, ad hoc editing of another's RFC can lead to confusion and unintended altering of meaning, which is why participants currently tend to avoid doing so.


This proposal suggests the introduction of a new section to the standard RFC template for “Third Party Arguments”, with subsections for “In Favor” and “Opposed”. The understanding being that any content under “Third Party Arguments” may be edited by anyone with wiki karma to add a summary of their argument in their own words.

If taken advantage of (and it would be optional to all parties), then not only does this provide a unified and consistent place to find established arguments during the voting phase, it ensures a historical record of the discussion in a more accessible format than searching mail archives.

RFC Impact

Add the following headers near the bottom of the “New RFC” template on wiki.php.net

===== Third-Party Arguments =====

==== In Favor ====
Arguments by individuals as to why this proposal is a good idea.
==== Against ====
Arguments by individuals as to why this proposal is a bad idea.

Proposed Voting Choices

Adopt these new headings and codify scope-limited editing of other's RFCs during discussion phase. Requires 50% + 1

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