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Request for Comments: How to write RFCs


The purpose of the RFC is to discuss about the return type hint utility on PHP.

Differences from the old proposal

  • The old proposal (return and param type-hint) was introducing some keywords (the type names), with this new proposal there is no such BC.
  • The new proposal has a better error message, identifying where the function/method was called.
  • Added generic “numeric”, “scalar” types
  • No needed strange syntax to solve parser conflicts


function scalar abc($x = NULL) {
	return $x;
var_dump(abc(1));  // int(1)
var_dump(abc(1.)); // float(1)
PHP Catchable fatal error:  The returned value must be of the type scalar,
called in ... on line 9 and returning in ... on line 4


  • See below some information that will be possible to be get using Reflection.

Using a class type

interface Test {
class foo implements Test {	
	function Test test() {
		return new foo;
$func = new ReflectionMethod('foo::test');
var_dump($func->getReturnType()); // "Test"
var_dump($func->returnsObject()); // true
var_dump($func->returnsClass());  // "Test"

PHP native types

function scalar abc($x = NULL) {
	return $x;
$func = new ReflectionFunction('abc');
var_dump($func->getReturnType()); // scalar


Comming soon

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