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PHP RFC: Add typehint accessors to ReflectionParameter


This RFC proposes a new class ReflectionTypeAnnotation to represent type information; currently this information is contained on the ReflectionParameter class. This RFC adds methods to ReflectionParameter to use this new class: ReflectionParameter::hasTypeAnnotation() and ReflectionParameter::getTypeAnnotation(). If the Return Type RFC is accepted it will then it will also use this new ReflectionTypeAnnotation class.

The class ReflectionTypeAnnotation also has __toString method to make parsing function/method signatures and replicating them for mocking frameworks simpler; current mocking frameworks have to cast the ReflectionParameter to a string, then text parse that string to retrieve the information.

Proposed PHP Version(s)

5.next (5.7)

New Reflection class type: ReflectionTypeAnnotation

class ReflectionTypeAnnotation implements Reflector {
    public function __toString() { /* returns type annotation string (e.g. "array", "stdClass", etc...) */ }
    public function isArray() { /* true if the typehint is "array" */ }
    public function isCallable() { /* true if the typehint is "callable" */ }
    public function isNullable() { /* true if NULL is an acceptable value */ }

Implementation and new unit test

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