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Poll: Feasibility of P++


There are continuous arguments whether the PHP project should do everything to preserveproperly justify every backwards compatibility break, as well as continue to add new as well as change existing features to make PHP a more modern stricter language, with as an example enhanced stricter type-safety.

Several suggestions have been made to address this perceived split. One of them is creating a newly branded “P++” to put all the new strictness-related features into , and perhaps go the more “strict way”, while continuing to maintain “PHP” without making this original version change at all as dynamic as it is today. As it takes time, attention, and resources, to see whether such a direction is feasible, it makes sense to find out whether the general internals community thinks it is a worthwhile endeavour.


The proposal in this RFC informal, non-binding vote is a simple poll to see whether “P++” (supporting two distinct languages dialects with different dynamic vs. strict handling) on top of a single, unified runtime is a direction that people want to commit to spending the project’s time and energy to explore at this time.


Feasibility of P++
Real name Yes No
ajf (ajf)  
alcaeus (alcaeus)  
beberlei (beberlei)  
brzuchal (brzuchal)  
bukka (bukka)  
bwoebi (bwoebi)  
carusogabriel (carusogabriel)  
cschneid (cschneid)  
dams (dams)  
danack (danack)  
derick (derick)  
doubaokun (doubaokun)  
duncan3dc (duncan3dc)  
galvao (galvao)  
gasolwu (gasolwu)  
girgias (girgias)  
guilhermeblanco (guilhermeblanco)  
heiglandreas (heiglandreas)  
hywan (hywan)  
jasny (jasny)  
jedisct1 (jedisct1)  
jhdxr (jhdxr)  
kalle (kalle)  
kelunik (kelunik)  
kinncj (kinncj)  
krakjoe (krakjoe)  
kriscraig (kriscraig)  
malukenho (malukenho)  
marcio (marcio)  
mariano (mariano)  
mbeccati (mbeccati)  
mcmic (mcmic)  
mike (mike)  
mikemike (mikemike)  
narf (narf)  
nikic (nikic)  
ocramius (ocramius)  
pajoye (pajoye)  
patrickallaert (patrickallaert)  
peehaa (peehaa)  
pollita (pollita)  
ramsey (ramsey)  
rasmus (rasmus)  
reywob (reywob)  
rtheunissen (rtheunissen)  
salathe (salathe)  
scorninpc (scorninpc)  
sebastian (sebastian)  
sergey (sergey)  
svpernova09 (svpernova09)  
tianfenghan (tianfenghan)  
trowski (trowski)  
wjx (wjx)  
wyrihaximus (wyrihaximus)  
zeev (zeev)  
zimt (zimt)  
Count: 0 56
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