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 0.4: Improve documentation of ini settings, add another example use case. 0.4: Improve documentation of ini settings, add another example use case.
 +===== Ideas on moving the optimizer into core instead =====
 +There are various ways the suggestion in [[https://wiki.php.net/rfc/opcache.no_cache#discussion|Discussion]] could be implemented. My ideas on a way that could be implemented are below (I'm not familiar enough with opcache to implement that or to be aware of any problems it would cause):
 +  * Move the optimizer into core (e.g. move code related to opcode optimizations from ''ext/opcache'' to a new folder ''ext/optimizer'' loaded before opcache). Keep all of the functionality related to caching in the zend_extension Zend Opcache (some build environments may not support or have a use case for any forms of shared memory caching).
 +  * Continue optimizing according to ''opcache.enable'' and ''opcache.enable_cli'' when the opcode caching is enabled. \\ Add a new flag such as ''optimizer.always_optimize=1'' or ''opcache.always_optimize=1'' which will ignore that and unconditionally optimize using the optimization passes in ''opcache.optimization_level''. This would ensure that existing use cases work without modifying ''php.ini'' and won't suffer from high startup time for short-lived processes which don't have opcodes cached.
 +  * Provide C function pointers to lock shared memory and acquire pointer locations so that the JIT can emit executable code without conflicting with other processes/threads, and make opcache override those function pointers. I'm not sure how protecting memory with opcache jit without the opcache extension managing shared memory would work with threaded php and no shared cache, but should be possible - I assume the JIT already works with ''opcache.file_cache_only''. I'm also unfamiliar with how those pointers/mutexes would get released if php crashed.
 +  * Limit ''opcache.preload'' to only be used when the opcode caching zend_extension is used.
 ===== References ===== ===== References =====
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