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-====== Request for Comments: Enhance Namespace Importing ​With From Syntax ======+====== Request for Comments: Enhance Namespace ​Batch Importing Syntax ======
   * Version: 1.0   * Version: 1.0
   * Date: 2012-07-24   * Date: 2012-07-24
-  * Author: Reeze Xia <reeze.xia@gmail.com>+  * Author: Reeze Xia <reeze@php.net>
   * Status: Under Discussion   * Status: Under Discussion
   * First Published at: https://​wiki.php.net/​rfc/​namespace-importing-with-from   * First Published at: https://​wiki.php.net/​rfc/​namespace-importing-with-from
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 ===== Introduction ===== ===== Introduction =====
-This RFC proposes adding a new syntax <code php>​from ​namespace ​use subnamespace ​as alias;</​code>​+This RFC proposes adding a new syntax <code php>​from ​TopNamespace ​use Subnamespace ​as alias, Subnamespace2,​ Subnamespace3 as alias3;</​code>​ 
 +This syntax is used to import multiple symbols from a common namespace cleanly.
 It will make namespace importing easier and reduce deplication. It will make namespace importing easier and reduce deplication.
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 <code php> <code php>
 <?php <?php
-use Top\A\Long\Namespaced\ClassA+use GlobalNamespace\SubSpace\ThirdSpace\Class1
-use Top\A\Long\Namespaced\ClassB+use GlobalNamespace\SubSpace\ThirdSpace\Class2
-use Top\A\Long\Namespaced\ClassC;+use GlobalNamespace\SubSpace\ThirdSpace\ForthSpace\Class3;
 </​code>​ </​code>​
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 <code php> <code php>
 <?php <?php
-from Top\A\Long\Namespaced\NS ​use ClassAClassBClassC;+from GlobalNamespace\SubSpace\ThirdSace ​use Class1Class2ForthSpace\Class3;
 </​code>​ </​code>​
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 * 2012-07-24 Initially created by Reeze Xia * 2012-07-24 Initially created by Reeze Xia
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