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Request for Comments: Named Parameters


This document is a placeholder for a future RFC on implementing Named Parameters. This project needs an owner.

Named Parameters is a topic that has been raised many times over the years. The pros and cons are captured in a variety of emails. Now PHP has an RFC process the discussion should be recorded in an RFC (this is yet to be done).

Paris Meeting 2005

As a start, a summary is contained in the Paris meeting minutes from 2005:


The functionality of named parameters was suggested. Named parameters allow you to “skip” certain parameters to functions. If it would be implemented, then it might look like:

function foo ($a = 42, $b = 43, $c = 44, $d = 45)
      // echos 42, 53, 54, 45
      echo "$a $b $c $d\n";

foo(c => 54, b => 53);


We don't see the real need for named parameters, as they seem to violate PHP's KISS principle. It also makes for messier code.


We do not want to add it.

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