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LDAP is a broad-use standard for storing information in a tree-style manner and access it efficiently. It is especially famous for storing user accounts. EXOP are extended operations which goes further than reading/writing LDAP nodes. PHP have php-ldap module for connecting to an LDAP server and read/write datas but no way of doing EXOP operations.


This RFC intends to add support for EXOP in php-ldap. It is based on a patch for php-ldap which is more than 10 years old and we are trying to adapt it for current code base.

Backward Incompatible Changes


Proposed PHP Version(s)

7.2 if possible, 7.3/8 otherwise

RFC Impact


Describe the impact to CLI, Development web server, embedded PHP etc.

To Existing Extensions

Will existing extensions be affected?

To Opcache

It is necessary to develop RFC's with opcache in mind, since opcache is a core extension distributed with PHP.

Please explain how you have verified your RFC's compatibility with opcache.

New Constants

Open Issues

  1. Should the function names contain the word “exop” or is it a technical detail which should be hidden from the developer?

Unaffected PHP Functionality

All already existing ldap related methods stays the same. This RFC only adds new ones.

Future Scope

This sections details areas where the feature might be improved in future, but that are not currently proposed in this RFC.

Proposed Voting Choices

Include these so readers know where you are heading and can discuss the proposed voting options.

State whether this project requires a 2/3 or 50%+1 majority (see voting)

Patches and Tests

Links to any external patches and tests go here.

If there is no patch, make it clear who will create a patch, or whether a volunteer to help with implementation is needed.

Make it clear if the patch is intended to be the final patch, or is just a prototype.

For changes affecting the core language, you should also provide a patch for the language specification.


After the project is implemented, this section should contain

  1. the version(s) it was merged to
  2. a link to the git commit(s)
  3. a link to the PHP manual entry for the feature
  4. a link to the language specification section (if any)


Links to external references, discussions or RFCs

Rejected Features

Keep this updated with features that were discussed on the mail lists.

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