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   * Date: 2014-01-08   * Date: 2014-01-08
   * Author: Yasuo Ohgaki <yohgaki@php.net>   * Author: Yasuo Ohgaki <yohgaki@php.net>
-  * Status: Draft (or Under Discussion or Accepted or Declined)+  * Status: Inactive
   * First Published at: http://wiki.php.net/rfc/comparison_inconsistency   * First Published at: http://wiki.php.net/rfc/comparison_inconsistency
   * Renamed to: https://wiki.php.net/rfc/inconsistent-behaviors   * Renamed to: https://wiki.php.net/rfc/inconsistent-behaviors
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 Type juggling only works for INTEGER or HEX like strings. Type juggling only works for INTEGER or HEX like strings.
 +Most problematic is HEX like strings being auto-coerced during
 +comparison, but using //different rules// from manual casting. That
 +is, ( 0x0A == "0x0A" ) is not treated as ( 0x0A == (int)"0x0A" ),
 +although "0x0A" //is// translated to a number.
 +This despite http://us2.php.net/manual/en/language.operators.comparison.php, which
 +states clearly that for number-string comparison, we "Translate
 +strings and resources to numbers." While it is feasible that some
 +string patterns cannot be "translated" (OCTAL and BINARY) at all, once
 +a "translation" is attempted, it should follow the same rules as (int)
 +casting for the same string. It is hard to view it is anything but a
 +bug that it does not.
 === HEX === === HEX ===
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 https://wiki.php.net/rfc/base-convert https://wiki.php.net/rfc/base-convert
 +==== filter_var ====
 +<code php>
 +var_dump(filter_var('01', FILTER_VALIDATE_INT));
 +var_dump(filter_var('01', FILTER_VALIDATE_FLOAT));
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 http://jp2.php.net/min http://jp2.php.net/min
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