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PHP RFC: Moving to Google Groups


The elevator pitch for the RFC. The first paragraph in this section will be slightly larger to give it emphasis; please write a good introduction.


Ditch the current mailing list infrastructure (including the following pieces on news.php.net: ecelerity, ezmlm, colubus serving news:news.php.net and the http://news.php.net website itself) and moving the current mailing lists (including the archives) to Google Groups. ===== Backward Incompatible Changes ===== ===== RFC Impact ===== ===== Open Issues ===== ===== Future Scope ===== This sections details areas where the feature might be improved in future, but that are not currently proposed in this RFC. ===== Proposed Voting Choices ===== This RFC requires 2/3 majority to pass, as it has a significant impact on the community and project operations. ===== Implementation ===== ===== References ===== http://www.mail-archive.com/internals@lists.php.net/msg79815.html http://ossec.github.io/about.html#support-options https://github.com/wojdyr/fityk/wiki/MigrationToGoogleGroups https://developers.google.com/admin-sdk/groups-migration/v1/get-start/getting-started

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