PHP RFC: Moving to Google Groups


The elevator pitch for the RFC. The first paragraph in this section will be slightly larger to give it emphasis; please write a good introduction.


Ditch the current mailing list infrastructure including the following pieces on pair1.php.net

  • ecelerity
  • ezmlm
  • colubus serving news://news.php.net
  • the news.php.net website
  • the news subdomain
  • the web/news.git repo
  • and eventually the pair1.php.net box itself

and move the current mailing lists including the archives to Google Groups.

Backward Incompatible Changes

RFC Impact

Open Issues

Future Scope

This sections details areas where the feature might be improved in future, but that are not currently proposed in this RFC.

Proposed Voting Choices

This RFC requires 2/3 majority to pass, as it has a significant impact on the community and project operations.



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