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PHP RFC: get_debug_type


This RFC proposes to add a new function get_debug_type that will return the given type of a variable.

This function would differ from gettype in that it would return native type names, e.g. “int” rather than “integer” and would automatically resolve class names.

  • 0 => int
  • 0.1 => float
  • true => bool
  • false => bool
  • “hello” => string
  • [] => array
  • null => null
  • A class with name “Foo\Bar” => foo\bar
  • An anonymous class => class@anonymous
  • A resource => resource (xxx)
  • A closed resource => resource (closed)

Backward Incompatible Changes


Proposed PHP Version(s)

PHP 8.0

Proposed Voting Choices

Yes / no vote on adding the new function.

Yes / no on resource names be resolved - Would appear as resource(resource_type).

(Optional) A vote on the name, if there is not a clear majority consensus during RFC discussion.



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