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PHP RFC: Final class constants


Currently, class constants are always overridable by child classes. This causes a few smaller caveats:

First of all, the engine can't optimize class constant references when late static binding is involved, so it has to pessimistically assume that FOO is overridden in case of static::FOO or $this::FOO invocations.

But more importantly, one cannot make sure that a class constant value is really constant.


The final modifier can be added to class constants. Doing so prevents a constant to be overridden in a child class:

class Foo
    final public const X = "foo";
class Bar extends Foo
    public const X = "bar";
// Fatal error: Bar::X cannot override final constant Foo::X

Besides, interface constants would become overridable by default:

interface I
    public const X = "i";
    final public const Y = "i";
class C implements I
    public const X = "c"; // Overriding I::X is not possible
    public const Y = "c"; // Overriding I::Y is not possible
// Fatal error: C::Y cannot override final constant I::Y


A ReflectionClassConstant::isFinal()method is added in order to be able to retrieve if a constant is final.

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Add support for final class constants? The vote requires 2/3 majority to be accepted.

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