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PHP RFC: Unbundle ext/interbase


The InterBase extension for PHP (ext/interbase) is one of the oldest database extensions who currently resides in the Core. The extensions allow access to InterBase based database systems and Firebird based systems. A PDO extension exists for accessing the same database systems with a PDO backend, however for this RFC, only the ext/interbase extension is in question.

The InterBase extension was one of the few extensions that managed to continue its life in the 7.x series, however the extension lacks a maintainer and while there has been calls to taking over the extension, the volunteers who have stepped up has not kept it alive or even touched it. There are no one else around the Core with the experience and willingness to tackle this extension, meaning that the fixes we would be able to provide would be “blind” ones. Even in 7.x, the extension was not fully ported and may misbehave.


Given the unacceptable nature of the status of this extension, I therefore propose to do the following:


Any function or alias called, which is exposed by ext/interbase, will emit a deprecation warning


The ext/interbase extension will cease to exist in php-src, and will be published on PECL without deprecation warnings

Backward Incompatible Changes

Obviously, code using the interbase extension would issue deprecation warnings, and/or would have to use the PDO_Firebird extension in the Core

Open Issues

  • None


The primary vote is about whether to unbundle ext/interbase, which requires a 2/3 majority and will run for 2 weeks:

Deprecate and unbundle ext/interbase
Real name Yes No
Final result: 0 0
This poll has been closed.

Patches and Tests

None, yet.


  • Internals discussion: xxx

Rejected Features


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