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   * Date: 2011-10-18   * Date: 2011-10-18
   * Author: Daniel Convissor <​danielc@php.net>​ with feedback from Derick Rethans <​derick@php.net>​   * Author: Daniel Convissor <​danielc@php.net>​ with feedback from Derick Rethans <​derick@php.net>​
-  * Status: ​Approved ​([[rfc:​datetime_and_daylight_saving_time:​vote|voting results]])+  * Status: ​Accepted ​([[rfc:​datetime_and_daylight_saving_time:​vote|voting results]])
   * First Published at: https://​wiki.php.net/​rfc/​datetime_and_daylight_saving_time   * First Published at: https://​wiki.php.net/​rfc/​datetime_and_daylight_saving_time
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