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PHP RFC: Adopt Code Of Conduct


This RFC proposes that the PHP project should adopt a formal code of conduct for its members.


This RFC proposes for the PHP project to adopt the Contributor Covenant as a Code of Conduct.

Website Page

A page will be created on php.net at php.net/codeofconduct that will display the actual language of the code of conduct: Code Of Conduct

Mailing List

A new mailing list will be created at codeofconduct@php.net for use in reporting incidents and discussing them internally. This mailing list will be private and unarchived.

Response Team

A team of 5 volunteers shall be assembled who will make up the code of conduct team.

The team shall consist of:

  • At least one person with commit karma to php-src
  • At least one person with commit karma to php-documentation

As long as the preceding two seats are filled, there is no karma requirement (wiki or otherwise) for the remaining three seats.

All team members will be elected by RFC vote.

There is no specified term limit, but if either the PHP project or the other members of the CoC team feel that a specific member is not doing their job, they can be removed by an RFC vote.

Process For Incidents

In the event that an incident is reported the following process should be followed:

  • A CoC team member is notified of an incident
  • The team member documents the issue as best as possible, researching any supporting materials necessary
  • The team member makes a recommended course-of-action to the CoC team
  • The CoC team will vote internally on the recommended course-of-action
  • The CoC shall report a redacted summary of the incident and the course-of-action to internals@php.net

At all steps the reporter(s) should be kept up to date on the process and recommendations that are made.

The CoC team shall have the power to directly:

  • Revert or edit existing commits
  • Reject pull requests
  • Revert/reject wiki edits, issues and other contributions
  • Revoke commit karma
  • Issue temporary ban (no more than 7 days)

If the CoC team determines that a longer temporary ban or a permanent ban is necessary, they shall institute a temporary ban and raise an RFC to the general project to effect the desired ban. Once the RFC is issued, the temporary ban's lifetime will be tied to the RFC's lifetime (will expire when the vote is finished).


A ban shall include removal of commit karma, mailing list write access as well as disabling of the associated PHP.net account.

A new address/account which is believed to be used by an already banned individual does not require a RFC to effect provided there is reasonable evidence to support the correlation.


All incidents are to be kept in the strictest form of confidentiality. The CoC team shall be the only group to know about the reporter and the precise details of any incident. Any communication outside of the team (including fact-finding, investigation, documentation, etc) shall not include identifying information as to the reporter.

Initial Team

This RFC will include a vote for the initial CoC team. A separate thread will be opened asking for volunteers.


This RFC requires 2/3 majority to pass, as it has a significant impact on the community and project operations.


  • 0.1 - Initial Draft
  • 0.2 - Move to 2/3 majority
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