What to do with your test when you have written it

There is an SVN repository here:

Directories have been created for each registered user group, for example, is for use by the London user group.

Under each user group directory there is a directory structure which is exactly the same as the PHP 53 source tree, except that only test directories are included and there are no files in any directory. There is a directory called 'Independent Contributors' for people that are not associated with any particular user group.

The intention is that groups or individuals will put tests in the right place in the source tree, for example, tests for strings functions would go in ~ext/standard/tests/strings. If you aren't clear about where to put tests please ask or have a look at the full PHP source tree for tests of similar types.

Access to SVN

Anyone can browse the repository or checkout files, eg

svn checkout

We will add all user group leads as SVN administrators - it will then be your responsibility to grant access to other members of your groups. A user interface to help with that is being developed.

A user ID and password is requred to be able to check in.

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