How to look at the test coverage for an extension - eg /ext/dom

  • Make sure that you have LTP installed, for Ubuntu:
    • sudo apt-get install ltp
    • sudo apt-get install lcov

Checkout the PHP53 code and build it

  • Checkout or download PHP53 into directory of your choice (in my case /home/zoe/BUILDS/php53_dev)
  • cd /home/zoe/BUILDS/php53_dev
  • ./buildconf
  • ./configure --enable-gcov
  • make

Check the coverage of a single extension

  • make a new directory somewhere (eg /home/zoe/TESTS/coverage) and cd to it
  • create a script (run_coverage) file to run the tests, eg
export TEST_PHP_EXECUTABLE=/home/zoe/BUILDS/php53_dev/sapi/cli/php
$TEST_PHP_EXECUTABLE /home/zoe/BUILDS/php53_dev/run-tests.php /home/zoe/BUILDS/php53_dev/ext/dom
  • ./run_coverage. This runs all the tests found under php53_dev/ext/dom
  • lcov --directory /home/zoe/BUILDS/php53_dev/ext/dom -c -o
  • genhtml -o dom_coverage. This will make a directory called dom_coverage with html coverage files in it.
  • View the coverage files :-)

How would I look at the coverage of a subset of the tests?

For example - suppose I wanted to take all the tests which are there because of bug reports and just look at what the base test cases cover.

  • cd /home/zoe/BUILDS/php53_dev/ext/dom
  • find tests -name “bug*.phpt” | xargs -i mv {} {}.bak ( Copies all the tests to test.phpt.bak )
  • make clean; make
  • cd /home/zoe/TESTS/coverage; ./ run
  • run lcov and genhtml as above

Just for interest, the code coverage of the dom extension without the bug tests is 2101 of 4708 lines (44.6%).

Don't forget to copy the bug tests back afterwards:

  • find tests -name “bug*.phpt.bak” | sed 's/.bak/ /' | xargs -i mv {}.bak {}
  • NB: no space between the two slashes after .bak
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