PHP TestFest Organizer Tips

Suggestions and checklist

Advance planning

  • Contact your nearest user group to see if they are, or know of anybody already planning on running a TestFest in your area
  • Find a suitable location and choose a date within the TestFest range
    • Make sure that the location you choose has network connection (wireless/ethernet)
  • Check that a mentor will be able to assist with your event
  • Publish details of your event somewhere (Usergroup wiki, homepage, blog, etc.)
    • Limit the numbers if you don't have a reasonable ratio of mentors to attendees (suggested max 1:4)
  • Anounce your event:
    • Local usergroup news feed
    • Calendar entry on
    • Announcement to
    • Any other blogs or relevant places you can think of
  • After a short while, check that your event has been approved on and is listed on

In the run-up to the event

  • Svn access for the group is mailed to the organisers listed on
  • Get a list of names of attendees (and email addresses) in advance
  • Grant access to SVN in advance (
  • Mail attendees the day before to remind them to bring laptops (and possibly power supply and ethernet cable)
  • Ask attendees (with any other OS than Windows) to try and download and compile PHP in advance (to check that they have a build env't)
  • Pick an area (extension) to test in advance and let the attendees know so that they can do some preparation.
  • Mail the QA list to say what extension you are looking at so that you can co-ordinate with other groups if they want to work in the same area
  • Work out in advance which test cases are missing and have a list of then ready for people to work on
  • If you pick something that has pre-reqs (eg database, libraries) prepare some samples and make sure that people know to install the pre-reqs.

On the day

  • Either at the event or in advance have someone give a short talk on the extension and show example of how to use it
  • Be prepared for network failure - have copies of PHP source, Windows builds and docs on a stick.
  • Find a local source of beer for *after* the event
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