Bug Triage Day December 27th-28th 2008


If you are a user of PEAR and have wanted to contribute to an open source project, here's a great opportunity.

We run a bug day every 3 weeks or so, on #pear & #pear-bugs across two days.

We basically try to improve the quality of incoming bugs - write test cases, make sure they are reproducible.We also try to boost overall code quality - unit tests, documentation and other improvements.

If you've got a package you use commonly, or bugs you filed some time ago that haven't been fixed; this is a good time to get involved.

Join us on December 27th-28th; or pop into #pear to say hello and ask questions.

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Overall Goals

  1. Increase the unit test coverage for new issues, while decreasing the amount of failures.
  2. Focus on resolving last bug triage's items (detailed below)

What are we doing

Specific tasks

  • New releases which would be handy (look at, talk to maintainers, etc)
    • Image_Graph - doconnor emailed on 27th
    • DB_DataObject - troehr emailed on 27th
    • MDB2 - troehr emailed on 27th
    • HTTP_Upload - New release? Not so much; work is still in progress re translation, says cwenz
    • MDB2_Driver_mysql - doconnor emailed on 27th
    • Validate - troehr emailed on 27th
    • Image_Transform - troehr emailed on 27th, waiting for feedback from Philippe Jausions (appx Jan 1)
    • Image_Canvas - doconnor emailed on 27th
    • HTML_Page2 - troehr emailed on 27th
    • HTTP_WebDAV_Client - doconnor emailed on 27th
    • HTTP_WebDAV_Server - doconnor emailed on 27th
    • Net_SmartIRC - doconnor emailed on 27th
    • SQL_Parser - doconnor emailed on 27th
    • Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer - troehr emailed on 27th, doconnor suitably scared
    • Mail_Mime - Emailed Dec 2nd / Dec 4th, and again today - avb and doconnor, release on Jan 4th if no feedback


  • XML_Feed_Parser tests got added (1500 unit tests)! - doconnor
  • HTTP_Upload parse errors fixed - doconnor
  • Net_SMPP parse errors fixed - doconnor
  • Net_Whois bugfix release - doconnor
  • Massive improvements to PEAR_PackageFileManager tests - dufuz
  • Auth_Prefmanager tests now skip if not confiugred - doconnor
  • HTML_Template_IT 1.3.0a1 released - doconnor
  • Image_Color 1.0.3 released - doconnor
  • MP3_Playlist - phpcs - doconnor
  • Net_IPv6 got into the pear test suite - doconnor
  • Get Services_Akismet2 up and running - gauthierm and dufuz
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