Bug Triage Day November 15th, 16th 2008

Overall Goal

Increase the unit test coverage for new issues, while decreasing the amount of failures.


cweiske, doconnor, ifeghali, quipo, gauthierm, & kguest (earlier in week)

What are we doing

Specific tasks

  • writing tests for MDB2_Schema bugs (particularly those with patches);
    • There's a whole new release of MDB2_Schema thanks to ifeghali
    • MDB2 got some attention from quipo too
  • Packages that have the most open bug reports (
  • Payment_DTA into CVS (doconnor consulting with lead) kguest ftw!
  • Followup on PHP_Shell open bugs (doconnor)
  • Followup on SOAP open bugs (doconnor)
  • See if we can't get CI working (run unit tests overnight); look at overnight test results
  • Give Text_Wiki some love - PHPCS, open bugs
  • Calendar bugfixes - quipo
  • Crypt_GPG bugfixes / improvements - gauthierm
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