Bug Triage Day October 25-26th 2008

Who's running it?

(on auto-pilot)



  • cweiske
  • doconnor
  • kguest
  • amir
  • justinpatrin
  • till
  • avb
  • Tatsuya Tsuruoka

What are we doing

  • Followup on PHPCS patches
    • Validate (amir)
    • HTTP_Session2 (till)
    • Gtk2_PHPConfig (kguest)
    • Net_Wifi (cweiske)
    • File_XSPF (doconnor)
    • Net_Whois (doconnor)
  • Followup on PHPUnit patches
  • Make tests pass:
    • Text_Wiki (justinpatrin)
    • Services_Amazon (Tatsuya Tsuruoka)
    • File_Find (doconnor)
  • Triage the latest bugs (doconnor: done-ish)
    • HTTP_Client 1.2.1 released (avb)
    • File_XSPF missing package.xml (kguest)
    • MDB2_Schema test coverage (Igor Feghali)

Other items needing volunteers

  • writing tests for MDB2_Schema bugs (particularly those with patches);
  • I18N_UnicodeString needs to be put in CVS ( (in CVS and fixed by kguest)
  • PHP_Fork into CVS (cweiske)
  • Packages that have the most open bug reports (
  • Apply Net_Ping patch for bug #14492 (patch by shupp, applied by kguest)
  • Docs for Validate packages - (amir ?)
  • Payment_DTA into CVS (doconnor consulting with lead)
  • Fix Validate_AU unit tests (doconnor was shirking, but Validate_AU-0.1.2 now exists)

Notes: The best way to write unit tests for CVS

Say you have a package, Foo_Bar_Item

If you structure you package as:

CVS dir:




Then it makes doing

you@locahost:~/pear$ cvs update
you@locahost:~/pear$ cd Foo_Bar_Item
you@locahost:~/pear/Foo_Bar_Item$ phpunit tests/

... work just fine with the existing require_once patterns; and when you install the package, the tests should still run.

Otherwise, if you have packages with different structure, you will often have to:

you@locahost:~/pear$ cvs update
you@locahost:~/pear$ cd Foo_Bar_Item
you@locahost:~/pear/Foo_Bar_Item$ pear package
you@locahost:~/pear/Foo_Bar_Item$ sudo pear install -fa Foo_Bar_Item-0.1.0.tgz
you@locahost:~/pear/Foo_Bar_Item$ phpunit tests/

Unit test results

These unit test results are generated overnight / on demand on doconnor's development copy; so may be somewhat overly passing at the moment :)

  • Unit test results - Oct 23rd 518 / 3195 tests fail or error
  • Tests: 3197, Assertions: 20496, Failures: 398, Errors: 48, Incomplete: 86.
  • Tests: 3198, Assertions: 20496, Failures: 274, Errors: 48, Incomplete: 86.
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