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The main focus of this bug day just past was open SOAP bugs.

SOAP has obviously a fairly large user base, and little problems have led to a massive flood of bug reports!

Involved were: Jan Schneider (SOAP lead), Chuck Burgess, Helgi Þormar Þorbjörnsson, and Daniel O'Connor.

While we didn't get to close many tickets, the wheels are certainly turning towards bringing SOAP back into the fold. There's now a better understanding of the design of the SOAP package amongst other PEAR developers, and the average quality of reports is marginally increased.

Over the next week or two we should see more test cases come in from original reporters, as well as perhaps a patch or two.

Aside from the focus on SOAP, Chuck managed to deal with a lot of bug reports for XML related packages (particularly XML_Util, as well as dealing with changing licences. Helgi did some behind the scenes work for PEAR itself.

Check out the PEAR calendar for the next triage, on August 3rd/4th.

The goals for then:

1. Check out bugs in SOAP marked for feedback from previous triage 2. Improve test coverage for SOAP 3. Track down the last parts of licensing for XML related packages 4. Others TBA on the mailing list

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