Bug Triage March 22nd 2008

Who's running it?

Helgi is running this Bug Triage Day

What are we doing

Saturday, March 22

The first bug-triage will be MDB2 (we think).

Otherwise, check out Bug Statistics to find good candidates

Alternatively, try bugs marked with Feedback. Don't comment unless you have to, as it resets the counter...

Sunday, March 23


What did we achieve

Saturday, March 22

  • We went from over 610 open bugs to 573 (alright, some of them became Feedback, not closed)
  • We got a new helper and release of Net_IDNA
  • Amir took over Services_Google
  • Helgi beefed up the SOAP test suite
  • Jonathan Street took over Net_Whois
  • Walter and Cipri handled some Mail_Mime things

Sunday, March 23

  • XML_sql2xml got all fixed up and now conforms to CS [dufuz, ifeghali, amir]
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