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 +PEAR2 backported to PEAR(1)
 +Two major changes -
 +  - supporting the '​paranoia'​ option in PEAR. - [[pear:​rfc:​pear2_versioning_standard_revision]]
 +  - allowing packages using pear2 standards to be released on
 +Through the use of the '​paranoia'​ option in Pyrus which prevents BC breaking changes to be upgraded, packages in PEAR1 could have BC breaking changes without affecting existing installations,​ as long as they require pyrus as the pearinstaller (IE: minimum pearinstaller=2.0.0a1)
 +This means we could modify the PEAR2 standards, and make them work for the existing PEAR packages, and allow them to be upgraded at will.
 +=== Pros: ===
 +  * Keeps running
 +  * New code behind the website
 +  * No confusion over PEAR and PEAR2, people won't see it as abandoning the current code base
 +=== Cons: ===
 +  * Potential name conflicts
 +=== Changes Required: ===
 +  * Change namespace to PEAR\ within the PEAR2 standards code
 +  * Documentation has to be able to reflect v1 and v2 properly if they are wildly different (PHP 4 code vs. PHP 5.3+ code with other standards) ​
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