PEAR2 backported to PEAR(1)

Two major changes -

  1. supporting the 'paranoia' option in PEAR. - pear2_versioning_standard_revision
  2. allowing packages using pear2 standards to be released on

Through the use of the 'paranoia' option in Pyrus which prevents BC breaking changes to be upgraded, packages in PEAR1 could have BC breaking changes without affecting existing installations, as long as they require pyrus as the pearinstaller (IE: minimum pearinstaller=2.0.0a1)

This means we could modify the PEAR2 standards, and make them work for the existing PEAR packages, and allow them to be upgraded at will.


  • Keeps running
  • New code behind the website
  • No confusion over PEAR and PEAR2, people won't see it as abandoning the current code base


  • Potential name conflicts

Changes Required:

  • Change namespace to PEAR\ within the PEAR2 standards code
  • Documentation has to be able to reflect v1 and v2 properly if they are wildly different (PHP 4 code vs. PHP 5.3+ code with other standards)
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