A PHP5 rework of payment_process

Developers: doconnor, dbezborodow


To migrate code which uses payment_process

  1. Find and replace Payment_Process to Payment_Process2
  2. Find and replace Payment/Process to Payment/Process2
  3. If you set up any driver specific options with curl, you will need to swap to injecting a preconfigured instance of HTTP_Request2.
$payment = Payment_Process::factory('MyDriver');
$payment->setOption('curl_options', array('monkeys' => true));


$adapter = new HTTP_Request2_Adapter_Curl();
$adapter->setOption('monkies', true);
$request = new HTTP_Request2($adapter);
$payment = Payment_Process2::factory('MyDriver', $request);

Implementing a driver

You need to implement two classes and some unit tests.

The first is Payment_Process2_YourDriver, which should implement all of the methods in the interfacePayment_Process2_Driver.

The second is Payment_Process2_Result_YourDriver, which should implement all of the methods in the interfacePayment_Process2_Result_Driver.

The interface documentation should provide more detail on this.

Testing a driver

You want to build a small script pointed at a test server which var_dump()s out results. This is used to quickly verify that it actually works. You take that test data and save it in tests/data/Driver/foo.html

To test the driver; implement coverage of:

  1. It calls the HTTP_Request object to send off a request via process()
  2. It reads the response from the server and makes a result object via process()
  3. It renders a request correctly via process()
  4. It builds any request data correctly via prepareRequestData()
public function testShouldSendPaymentsAndReturnResults() {
    $response = new HTTP_Request2_Response('HTTP/1.1 200 OK');
    $response->appendBody(file_get_contents(dirname(__FILE__) . '/tests/data/Driver/foo.html'));
    $adapter = new HTTP_Request2_Adapter_Mock();
    $request = new HTTP_Request2($adapter);
    $payment = Payment_Process2::factory('Driver', $request);
    $result = $payment->process();
    $this->assertSame($expected_code, $result->getCode());
    $this->assertSame($expected_message, $result->getMessage());

You also want very good coverage of your result object, which a variety of test cases like:

public function testShouldParseDataAndPopulateResultObject() {
    $data = file_get_contents(dirname(__FILE__) . '/tests/data/Driver/foo.html');
    $fake_driver = new Payment_Process2_YourDriver(new HTTP_Request2());
    $result = new Payment_Process2_Result_YourDriver($data, $fake_driver);
    $this->assertSame($expected_code, $result->getCode());
    $this->assertSame($expected_message, $result->getMessage());



  • Get approval for open sourcing work
  • Swap to PHP5, HTTP_Request2
  • Swap to Interfaces as needed
  • Dropping Paycom/Epoch driver Dropped
    • Support people won't give access to test environment
    • doconnor has mailed other open source projects which provide paycom drivers to see if he can get test data
  • Swap to Exceptions as needed Done.


  • Add a new driver for an Australian Bank (Payment_Process2_ANZ) 1)
  • Add a new driver for Paygea (Payment_Process2_Paygea) Licences
  • Fix protected / public properties - dbezborodow
  • Unit test coverage (mocked out) for all drivers
    • Running into problems here with many providers
      • TrustCommerce - simple coverage done.
      • Paypal - TBA
      • Transfirst - asking original author
      • Linkpoint - TBA
      • Bibit - TBA
      • AuthorizeNet - TBA
    • Lots of errors and E_NOTICEs from existing drivers
    • Lots of Some failures in test coverage
    • Test coverage is not extensive!
    • Need to improve the test case loaders and what have you
    • Swap to class constants.

API changes

Anything which used


will be


Also; setPayment() is now a lot more angry about things.

Finally; Payment_Process2_Type::isValid() doesn't exist anymore.


  • Add ANZ driver
  • Fix typeMapping concept
  • Fix cvvCode concept in results
  • Use reflection where appropriate
$process = Payment_Process2::factory('ANZ');
$cc = Payment_Process2_Type::factory('CreditCard');
$action = Payment_Process2_Action::factory($process, 'Normal');
$result = $process->process($action);
    Knows the endpoint, prepares the request from data.
    Knows credentials.
    Has a translator for the action types.
    Has a translator for the base fields such as credentials.
    Has a process() method that:
      Passes response data into a Result and call the parser method.
      Returns the Result.
    Has a translator for the data
    Prepares data.
    Very generic. Is never extended so that we don't litter
      the class tree; instead, we set up the translator in
      constructor methods.
    Has a parser that transforms the response into data that is given to it
      by the processor.
    Has a translator for the result data.
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