PEAR Group Meeting 5th October 2008

  • Discuss updates/changes to current PEAR2_Standards
  • New machine status update
  • Continuous Integration for PEAR2 repo?
  • I'd like to get coverage analysis for Pyrus, so we can set some goals for it.

Brett will be traveling to a conference during this meeting, so he may be unable to attend. If someone else could take down minutes that would be great. Otherwise, send a log to me and I'll write it up.




New PEAR Server

Helgi has access to the new server. More work needs to be done setting up pearweb. Helgi will plan on a data transfer within the next 2 weeks.

Continuous Integration

Group members present stated that the QA team should handle this.

Changes to the meeting time

This was discussed on pear-group and most agreed that workday would be fine. Helgi suggested starting a thread to get consensus on a time.

peardoc status report

Christian has updated the conversion script to generate valid docbook 5, and is working with phd to build the pear manual. Christian hopes to have everything working by next weekend. The changes allow re-building the manual in 45 seconds, compared to 40 minutes with the old build system.

PEAR2 Coding Standards

Christian will initiate voting on the mailing list.

PEAR2 Standards

The group previously had voted to extend the PEAR2 standards. Helgi suggested the group complete a review of the standards on the mailing list.

Josh suggested we edit the standards to have a base doc which references the detailed RFCs for individual sections.

The next meeting will be October 26th, 2008.

Action Items

  • Brett will send out the minutes
  • Christian will initiate review of CS updates on the mailing list
  • Helgi will initiate review of PEAR2 standards on the mailing list
  • Helgi will start a thread on the group ML to determine thebest meeting time
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