PEAR Group Meeting Agenda 24th August 2008



Josh called the meeting to order.


Clarify Coding Standards

Underscore prefix on private (protected?)

The group decided to omit a specific declaration on prefixing private or protected members with an underscore from the Coding Standards.

Usage of acronyms in class names (HTTP vs. Http)

The group decided to modify the coding standards and keep the existing trend, which will formally require capitalization of the letters for acronyms in class names. Class names with abbreviations will have a capital first letter. Ex: HTTP_Request

Proposal for "Coding standard enhancements"

The group looked over the RFC and believes it is ready to go. The group will check with the RFC proposer (Christian) and recommend calling for a group vote if the proposer is ready.

Review Outstanding RFCs

PEAR2 Naming Standards

Travis will send the RFC to pear-dev for comment and the group will vote on this in three weeks.

PEAR2 Class Naming

The group discussed this RFC, in particular the recommendations for interface naming.

PEAR2 Exception Policy

Brett would like to add more end-user instruction to this RFC, and would like some more group feedback.

Incorporate important items from Travis proposed adding an item which forbids trigger_error() and that we should recommend catching php errors and re-throw as exceptions.

The next meeting will be September 14th, 2008.

Action Items

  • Brett will send out the minutes
  • Brett will email Christian regarding his RFC
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