PEAR Group Meeting 22nd June 2008

Meeting is on June 22nd, 5pm GMT with no DST

It is important that everyone in the new group makes it too the meeting, old group is a plus but not required.

  • Make sure everyone has required access (pearweb, cvs, svn, pear-group@)
  • Vote for vice president
  • Find person to take care of: Meeting Minutes, Updating Blog, Updating news on
  • Plan for pear group meeting at php|appalacia
  • Peardoc freeze for db4=>5 upgrade planning
  • Plan for removing package v1
  • Bug Triage Updates/Plan




Greg requested a past-president summary.

Past President Summary

  • Congrats to new people
  • Limited Nominations/Voting as a sign that current PEAR devs are content
  • Volume of proposals has risen = thanks to the old people
  • Number of bugs is rising, despite declining new bug reports
  • Talk of PEAR2 is encouraging new devs and could be holding off development of old packages
  • Yet unresolved - how collectives will work/look.
  • A few constitutional amendments that were informally proposed by the old group - need to be approved by referendum.
  • Important for president to maintain relations with PHP internals
  • Important for the president to identify the individuals who have the most influence over PHP internals issues that affect PEAR

Greg recommended:

  • Keep tabs on the stats
  • Brainstorm ways of improving retention if we are losing people
  • Keep attendance up at conferences for face-to-face


  • Brett will take meeting minutes
  • Helgi will update pearweb index
  • Josh granted access to group members to the PEAR blog
  • Christian granted karma

Conference Meetup

* Group will try and have a face to face meeting, PHP Appalachia in the USA, another in Europe if possible. * Christian will try and suggest a meeting in Canada or Europe, FOWA was suggested, which is in London this year early Oct.

Vice President was voted on

* 6 votes for Christian

PEARDOC DB4=>DB5 conversion

peardoc upgrade is planned for Next Week, June 30th - July 4th, Christian and Brett will take the lead on this and get Rudy from GSoC's code running and upgrade peardoc - solicit help from pear-dev - We WILL NOT Branch! A freeze will be announced on the pear-doc list

Bug Triage Updates/Plan

Once every two months? Chuck will assist in bug triage updates on the wiki, highlight agenda to be sent to the list, josh suggests a post on the blog and pear-dev announcements for each event.

Plan for removing package v1

Version bump?

  • Chuck +1
  • Christian +1
  • Travis +1
  • Josh +1
  • Brett +1
  • Joe +1

Try and contact developers first to upgrade their package.xml to version 2. Brett will draft an email to be sent to developers of package v1 packages.

Next meeting time/date

Christian suggested meetings should not be held by a hard date, adjust meetings by amount of work to be done.

Travis suggested a maximum/limit of time to ensure meetings happen on some schedule

The next meeting will be July 13th, same time 5pm GMT.

Action Items

  • David will email systems and get pear-group@ alias updated. - Done
  • David plans to post a introductory post on the president's blog - Done
  • Chuck will email Helgi about updates to the Calendar of events
  • Chuck will send notices regarding upcoming bug triage events
  • Brett will draft an email to developers of package v1 packages, announcing the update.
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