PEAR Group Meeting 6th April 2008




  • PEAR2 Standards and Policies
  • PEAR2 website
  • PEAR2 svn ssh access
  • Extending PEAR2 svn access
  • Elections
  • Action Items

PEAR2 Standards and Policies

The standards seem to mainly be set, last topic outstanding is Namespace usage, waiting for a conclusion on pear-dev

PEAR2 Website

Would be good to have a site ready for php|tek, Helgi is working on it, visual differentiation from would be good

PEAR2 svn ssh access

Christian and Marten will be given ssh access in the case that Joshua isn't available and there is a pear2 svn problem

Extending PEAR2 svn access

  • Agreed that giving more people access to the sandbox to start development would be good
  • Permissions management isn't complete, Joshua to follow up with Helgi


Last Pear-group elections were in April, time to start this years

  • Marten will send out a call for new people to run

Action Items

  • Christian will post last minutes on the wiki
  • Joshua will send out a notification email
  • Arnaud will update pear2 rules with external hosting decision from the last meeting
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