PEAR Group Meeting Sunday 3rd June 20077

Looks like the meeting will be on Sunday June 3rd 7pm UTC, check the pear clock for your timezone

You should all watch this before the meeting:

  • Review last weeks action items
  • Schedule Next meeting
  • Vote on Vice President
  • Accept constitution extension. This should be added to the constitution on II Checks and balances:

PEAR Group and president elections take one month. In case of a tie, a runoff election between the tied competitors will be held. The runoff election will commence 10 days after the previous election concludes, and will last 10 days.

  • Review Collective List
  • Vote on RFC
  • Review Suggestions from:
  • Dealing with unmaintained/deprecated/dead packages
    • Also dead pepr proposals
  • Coding standards: How to deal with “{” after “class Foo” -> Current consensus is a newline, then {, but that's not written down
  • Thoughts on PEAR2
    • Creating some sort of roadmap to move us forward
    • Naming (branding) of new installer/repository (Pyrus/Peach? Pyrus/PEAR2? etc.)
  • Creation of working groups to move projects forward
    • Reviewing RFCs
    • Creating a mentoring program
    • Community outreach
    • Evangelists (Driven by Greg?)
      • Success Stories
    • porting peardoc to livedoc (mainly helping the php effort, has to be this summer, phillip has more details)
    • Website Look/Feel Redesign/Update
    • Some kind of news effort, weekly/bi-weekly/monthly, perhaps working with Steph, this would only be couple of people that would over see the project and other people should be able to contribute easily
      • Good way to get outside people more in sync what's happening in the community
  • PEAR's week of code (David)
    • Idea
    • Sponsorship
    • Priorities
  • Tools
    • how to keep track of all that (wiki, trac, other: basecamp, etc) ?
      • Wiki needs to accept pear logins, not require pear devs to register.
    • have a serendipity install or other to manage publishing news on the site (committing to cvs and updating the site is not the greatest thing). We can also have a PEAR official blog.
  • Some sort of Design Guide to go along with coding standards, this would be a more in depth guide covering some common patterns guidelines for class/method sizes etc, would also be non binding just a guide, would need lots of community help
  • Mission statement
    • have a wiki page with the mission statement (thread from october 2006 on pear-dev)
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