PEAR Group Meeting Agenda Sunday 13th May 2007

Looks like the meeting will be on Sunday the 13th

  • Document decision making process (regular day to day stuff, larger policy (RFC stuff further down the list)
  • Decided on a way to notifying the community of what were doing (meeting minutes etc)
    • Decide who is going to post this info (Vice President, rotating?)
  • Vote on vice president
  • Creating a meeting schedules
  • Plan for updating the constitution for handling ties (and many none majority winners for president)
  • Defining Collectives
  • How are we going to handle tasks like approving accounts
  • How to move forward with RFC (Setting policy, maybe we need a new name?)
    • Proposal Wiki page: 1)
    • Review Current RFCs
    • Website Updates
  • Getting more people involved
    • Mentor Program
    • Reduction of adversarial attitude to new proposals
    • Community Outreach program (phpwomen, phpgtk, users groups)
    • PEAR Evangelist(s) who reach out to other libraries/frameworks/communities to try and foster PEAR use within their projects
    • Overall attitude and behaviors of current developers
  • Figuring out what people think of PEAR (and how we can make that positive)
    • I don't think its all great thoughts
    • Lots of people are turned off by the installer
    • We have lots of positive aspects too, how do we focus on them
    • Website organization/updates
    • get users' feedback. A lot of people use pear or even write articles yet very little exists to show this material on the site
  • Licensing in general (lots of push for only BSD on the lists) (I would consider bringing Lukas Feiler into this discussion if possible - david)
    • Consider LGPL as a way to push PEAR as the “free and always free” library without forcing users of the code to adopt an open-source license.
    • Talk about LGPL-CC
    • Documentation new license : GFDL (
  • Mozilla Licensing (lets get that code in PEAR)
  • Review Suggestions from:
  • Dealing with unmaintained/deprecated/dead packages
  • Thoughts on PEAR2
  • Creation of working groups to move projects forward
    • Reviewing RFCs
    • Creating a mentoring program
    • Community outreach
    • Evangelists (Driven by Greg?)
      • Success Stories
    • porting peardoc to livedoc (mainly helping the php effort, has to be this summer, phillip has more details)
    • Website Look/Feel Redesign/Update
    • Some kind of news effort, weekly/bi-weekly/monthly, perhaps working with Steph, this would only be couple of people that would over see the project and other people should be able to contribute easily
      • Good way to get outside people more in sync what's happening in the community
  • PEAR's week of code (David)
    • Idea
    • Sponsorship
    • Priorities
  • Tools
    • how to keep track of all that (wiki, trac, other: basecamp, etc) ?
    • have a serendipity install or other to manage publishing news on the site (committing to cvs and updating the site is not the greatest thing). We can also have a PEAR official blog.
  • PEAR Roadmap
    • we can ask for volunteers to translate the constitution
  • Cleaning out PEPR
    • Why so many dead proposals?
  • Some sort of Design Guide to go along with coding standards


These are the minutes from the May 13th PEAR Group meeting, if you have any questions feel free to send us an email (pear-group at

These minutes will be posted on the pear website at a latter date. -josh


  • Arnaud Limbourg (arnaud)
  • Christian Weiske (cweiske)
  • Helgi Pormar (helgi)
  • Joshua Eichorn (jeichorn)
  • Lukas Smith (lsmith)
  • Pear President Greg Beaver (cellog)

Not Attending

  • David Coallier (davidc)
  • Martin Jansen (mj)

arnaud and lsmith left the meeting after the first hour cellog arrived 2 hours into the meeting


Agenda for meeting is at: MeetingAgenda20070513

Making decisions (non-policy)

Decisions are made by consensus (, any member can call for a vote if they disagree, voting has to be seconded If the entire pear group is available in a meeting voting can be done during the meeting otherwise an email vote is done Email votes should be a minmum of 7 days (or until all votes are cast) with sponsor of vote having the ability to set a longer time Email votes should be managed by any PEAR Group momber other then the membe rhwo called for the vote All Votes are final

Community notification will be on a case by case basis depending on the importance of the decision, with a minimum of an email to pear-dev A pear group member can call for a pear group vote to decide an issue by full pear election

action items

  • jeichorn - post this wording to the group for review
  • helgi - find a place on the website for items like this

Community Notification, increasing transparency

Minutes will be posted from each meeting to a new section of the website with notifications to pear-dev and website front page

action items

  • arnaud - sending current thoughts to the rest of the pear group and making sure everyone else is fine with our solution
  • helgi - creating a new section on the website to post minutes too
  • jeichorn - post minutes from this meeting

Vice President


  • jeichorn

action items

  • postponing until after the runoff election to give winner a chance to be a candidate if they want

Meeting Schedule

Meet every 2 weeks, need at least 3 members present to have a meeting

action items

  • helgi - schedule another meeting next week

Constitution updates

Cover pear group tie for last position runoff Cover winning president less then 50% of votes Schedule election on new wording within a month

action items

  • cweiske will work on the language of the amendment

Defining Collectives

Goal is for each collective to have at least 5 packages Review with pear group, and then entire community We will need to create a guide to help collectives get started

action items

  • jeichorn- send out url and ask for feedback
  • jeichorn- put back on agenda for next meeting

Managing ongoing tasks

Were just going to leave this to whoever has time, we seem to be covering things well right now

action items

RFC Process Working off current proposal Need to look at when to do a full pear vote

action items

  • jeichorn - get review from rest of the pear group
  • cweiske - create RFC section of the manual

Skip Items #9 to #11 on agenda

Licensing in general

were not going to push any license on the approved list, but we will discourage the php license on none extension code recommendations about handling multiple copyright owners on code, and license compatibility would be good recommend GFDL for the manual

action items

  • cellog - search for legal advice to help review current licenses

Mozilla Code and the MPL

We don't want another license in PEAR it's hard enough as it stands

action items

  • cellog - contact and mozilla and work out their concerns
  • jeichorn - find original pear-dev email

Review Suggestions

Need to cover more, with the rest of the group spent some time covering a new include proposal from cellog for pear2 that would solve include_path concerns

Prop Summary: 1 file per package that includes all its code Support autoload for people who want that PEAR2 provides an autoload class

action items

  • jeichorn - make sure all of pear group has read the comments

All other items on the Agenda were moved to the next meeting

General Action Items

  • jeichorn - start agenda for the next meeting
  • jeichorn - get minutes approved and published on pear-dev
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