User Authentication

This is a page for specifications regarding the joys of user authentication and information about talking to other peoples/projects tables.

And of course the fight against spam bots!

Basic Spam

Temporary accounts for people not signed up, period two weeks. Authenticated against captcha and/or email authentication


   [20:12:12] <@CelloG> BCarlyon: what we really want is once an occasional bug reporter to easily upgrade 
              to a developer and maintain a history of those old bugs

Karma and User Levels

Support needs to include the different karma levels which currently exist, in regards to different user levels.

Proposed System Flow

If user not logged in

   captcha, store email address

else if bug.count by email >= 3

   request email auhentication to disable captcha and create username/password  (aka profile)


   user is ok, no authentication required as email address is authed.
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