Specifications and requirements

Here you can find the list of requests for features to be added to the bug tracker, this will in time be split into implemented, binned, planned to be added, feel free to add your request.

Main Requirements

  • Add Bug
  • Comment on Bug
  • Close Bug
  • Attachments (Patch + Screenshot)
  • Priority to fix
  • Related Permission Controls for Comment, Close.
  • User levels
  • History, changed who/when, the bug report itself and relevant files/modules
  • Multiple category bugs (ex. documentation and streams) each with own status
  • Multiple typed bugs (ex. a feature request for the streams extension)
  • Ability to hide email address (obfuscated or otherwise) from public view
  • RSS Feed and Email Subscription
  • When a bug is reclassified, email the appropriate lists (without requiring a comment)
  • Bug Categories by extension, and/or tags for notification (email) purposes, (e.g. I want to be notified of new bugs in the PCRE extension)

Secondary Requirements

  • Gravtar/pavatar support?
  • User profiles
  • Data push to IRC
  • No captcha for people logged in with
  • No captcha for people who confirmed (via email) their account
  • Preview bug report (before submit) option
  • Ability to save searches to make quick searches + More organized search page
  • List dependent bugs
  • VCS (Versioning Control System, e.g. CVS and SVN) integration
    • Script to push commit message into bugtracker which gets appended as comment to bug
    • Linking to SVN & CVS revision
  • Link from VC to bugtracker (see trac)
  • Allow users to vote on bugs
  • Pluggable user authentication
  • REST-interface to extract information from the bugtracker (e.g. to package homepage, IRC)
  • Be able to see CVS commits regrading a bug report based on an special ID in the commit log message
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