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-[[internals:​windows:​start|Basic Information]]+===== Windows Specific Internals Docs ===== 
 +There is an IRC channel to discuss PHP internals Development for Windows on [[http://​​|Freenode]] in channel #winphp-dev  
 +===== Sections ===== 
 +[[internals:​windows:​stepbystepbuild_sdk_2|Windows Build with SDK 2.0, step by step]] 
 +[[internals:​windows:​stepbystepbuild|Windows Build, step by step]]
 [[internals:​windows:​release|Windows Release Management]] [[internals:​windows:​release|Windows Release Management]]
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 [[internals:​windows:​installer|Windows Installer]] [[internals:​windows:​installer|Windows Installer]]
-[[internals:​windows:​libs|Windows Custom Built Dependencies]]+[[internals:​windows:​libs|Windows Custom Built Dependencies]] (libs you need for compiling) 
 +[[internals:​windows:​todo|Massive Todo List]] 
 +[[internals:​windows:​peclbuilds|How do I get my PECL extension compiling on windows?​]] 
 +<​del>​[[http://​​archives/​Slides-for-IPC-online.html|Slides about developing PHP Internals on Windows]]</​del>​
 +<​del>​[[http://​​index.php/​dev/​php/​php-on-windows/​|Get ready to compile php on windows in 10 mins]]</​del>​
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