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LibXpmWindows, How to compile

Available prebuilt libraries

All prebuilt libraries are available in the php-libs repositories

The filename format is:

where x.y.z defines the version, vcversion which Visual C++ has been used.

Building LibXpm 3.5.7



LibXpm can be compiled using various modes. Only the following list can be used with PHP:

  • “DLL Release”
  • “DLL Debug”
  • “Static Release”
  • “Static Debug”

PHP uses “LIB Release” for the PHP builds.

One of these option has to be used while calling the makefile (VC6 only). VS solution files are given for VC8 and VC9.


This step describe the process for Visual C++ 6. It should work for VC and VC7/8/9 as well but it is not yet tested. However you can use the solutions files with vc8 or vc9.

cd c:\build_php_deps\libxpm-3.5.7\windows\vc6
nmake /f libxpm.mak CFG="Static Release"
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