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 ===== Available prebuilt libraries ===== ===== Available prebuilt libraries =====
-All prebuilt libraries are available in the php-libs [[​downloads/​php-windows-builds/php-libs/​|repositories]]+All prebuilt libraries are available in the php-libs [[​downloads/​php-sdk/deps/​|repositories]] 
 +For PHP suitable sources and up-to-date information see [[https://​​winlibs/​libxpm]]
 The filename format is: The filename format is:
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 ==== Compile ===== ==== Compile =====
-This step describe ​the process for Visual C++ 6It should work for VC and VC7/8/9 as well but it is not yet tested. However you can use the solutions files with vc8 or vc9. +Go to the .\windows subdir, choose ​and compile ​the appropriate VC solution.
- +
-<code bash> +
-cd c:​\build_php_deps\libxpm-3.5.7\windows\vc6 +
-nmake /f libxpm.mak CFG="​Static Release"​ +
-</​code>​ +
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