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Freetype PHP Windows, How to compile

Project homepage:

Available prebuilt libraries

All prebuilt libraries are available in the php-libs repositories

For PHP suitable sources and up-to-date information see

The filename format is:

where x.y.z defines the version, vcversion which Visual C++ has been used.

Only the static libraries are built for now. We may add DLLs later but PHP is linked statically against Freetype.


The libraries are named as follow:


{buildtype} can be either MT, ST or empty. MT stands for Multithreaded, ST for Singlethreaded and empty is the default mode (non MT). As in all other libraries, we add the “_debug” postfix for the debug builds.

Building Freetype



Edit the file “Jamfile” in the root of the Freetype source directory. Change the line 57 from:

# Name of final library, without extension.
FT2_LIB ?= $(LIBPREFIX)freetype ;


# Name of final library, without extension.
FT2_LIB ?= $(LIBPREFIX)freetype_a ;

Tell Jam to use Visual C++:

cd  C:\php-sdk\2k5\x86\libs_buildlibs\freetype-2.3.7


Open a Platform SDK development console (vc6), or the Visual Studio command line (vc7/8/9) and run:


The objs directory will contain the static library.

The include directory contains all headers that have to be distributed/installed.

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