CMake Status

  • Selected CMake version: 2.6


  • Extensions
  • Libraries detections for extensions
    • Resolve internal_functions.* relations with extensions.
  • User selection
    • Using option() cmake feature. We need to provide user selection like autotools (--enable-[ext]) with a script.
  • phpize support.
  • Win32 support
  • CDash hook
  • CTest
  • CPack
  • Tests in differents platforms


  • ~ May 21

~~Analysis and information gathering. Investigate PHP project dependencies with autotools. Analysis of CMake. Use and analysis of am2cmake/vcproj2cmake.rb and other automatic converters from Autotools to CMake. Collect info about KDE experience with CMake.~~

  • ~ July 15

Compile PHP core with CMake in Linux platform. Hook with CMake's dashboard (CDash).

  • ~ August 15

Export and test of CMake project for PHP to other operative system like Windows, MacOS.

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