PHP/PECL Build Bot

Possible mentors: Elizabeth M Smith

This would be a two part project. Part one would involve a web interface to allow developers to choose extensions (either static or shared) and options for test builds of PHP with error checking. The front end should spawn configure lines (for Windows or Linux) and queue them.

The back end should attempt to build the resulting configurations, push any binaries/log files to a server and email the requester with the location/status of the finished build product.

Possible Build Scenarios

There are different Build Scenarios that need to be executed by a automated build bot. The main goal should be providing fast informations for developers wheter a build works or not on a specific system/distro. It's important to get this information spread fast.

Minimal Build

  • Has a Minimum extensions activated and just covers the core features of php.
  • Is supposed to run very fast (< 20 Minutes)
  • Runs on every new SVN revision
  • No Coverage (main goal is minimizing build time)

Full Build

  • Has as much as possible extentions activated
  • Is supposed to run complete
  • Main reason is to check if there are tests broken in the big picture
  • Runs timed (once a day?)

Coverage and Grind build

  • Generate Valgrind Reports and report overall failed tests
  • Maybe run n special boxes ?

Extension level build with coverage

  • PHP Core and One Extension is tested
  • With Coverage
  • Triggered once a day

Extension Level Builds without coverage

  • Triggered on checkin on this extension




Ideas stage

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