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-====== The Google Summer of Code ====== 
-Each summer the [[|Google Summer of Code]] sponsors students to work on Open Source projects. This Wiki introduces ideas, guidelines, and goals involving how we handle the SoC process. 
-===== How to get involved ===== 
-If you have an idea, or are interested in the [[gsoc:2008|ideas listed here]], or simply want to have a conversation with humans living within the PHP project, then check out the #php.pecl (for PEAR proposals use #pear) IRC channel on Efnet or write the mailing list. 
-/* FIXME:  
-   - Explain how to use the mailing lists (signup) and what an IRC is  
-===== Ideas ===== 
-Students either submit proposals of their own, or seek and work with ideas provided by the PHP project to work on. 
-  * [[gsoc:2009]] 
-  * [[gsoc:2008]] 
-===== Planning ===== 
-We made some experiences with GSoC and have some ideas to improve. Probably there will be a GSoC 2009 so let's collect all of the plans to improve: 
-  * [[gsoc::planning_2009]] 
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