TODO for every PHP release

Installation files

Two files are generated from the Installation section of the manual, and updated into php-src. They are:

These files are generated from the installation chapter within the PHP documentation. Here's how:

$ cd svn/phpdoc/trunk 
$ xmllint --output tmp.xml --noent doc-base/install-unix.xml    && phd -d ./tmp.xml -P PHP -f bigxhtml -o ./ && lynx -dump -nolist -justify -display_charset UTF-8  ./php-bigxhtml.html > INSTALL
$ xmllint --output tmp.xml --noent doc-base/install-win.xml && phd -d ./tmp.xml -P PHP -f bigxhtml -o ./ && lynx -dump -nolist -justify -display_charset UTF-8  ./php-bigxhtml.html > install.txt
Version Information

Update the version information contained within the manual. FIXME: How to do this now is under construction.

INI options update

Update the ini information. The scripts to do this are in phpdoc/scripts/iniupdate and also this version number is specified in appendices/configure/index.xml

Various XML file updates
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