Log Downloads

This idea involves logging (tracking) downloads, namely from here:

The code should:

  • Never interfere with ability to download
  • Be efficient
  • Track information like for example: file name, timestamp of download, file size, manual build date, ?user info?, ...
  • Consider being used for other parts of the site, like php source code downloads (ex: php-5.x.x.tar.gz)
  • Consider being used for other sites, like


Long ago we tracked downloads but it was disabled [in 2004] for a few reasons:

  • One day the master server went down, and this stopped the downloads from working
  • The data wasn't really used
  • Nobody felt the need to work on it


How exactly this will work is unknown. A few questions needing answers:

  • How will the data be stored? (Note: write heavy, few reads)
  • Where will the data be stored? (Master?)
  • Is this useful data? (worth the performance hit?)
  • How will the data be compiled and presented?
  • Each mirror should behave the same, and work without too much trouble... how?

People who are working on it:

  • Probably nobody... you?


It would be helpful to determine and document exactly how our download system works. For example, a 404 handler sees /get/ then ... ?

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