Checking out the PHP Manual sources from SVN


There are two main (and different) methods for checking out the PHP documentation sources.

  • Using svn:externals
  • Using sparse checkouts

Structure and layout

Regardless, the following descriptions will setup a structure like the following:


Where en/ contains all the XML DocBook files specific to English, and doc-base/ contains the related helper files like PHP scripts for validation.

Methods for checking out (downloading) the sources

These examples are specific to English (en), so substitute with the appropriate language code to instead download a translations sources.

Using svn:externals

Several svn:externals already exist within phpdoc/modules and may be used. They are setup as doc-{lang} where {lang} is the language code for the desired language, and doc-all exists to include every language.

  svn co phpdoc

So, that checks out via the svn:externals to a new local directory named phpdoc.

Sparse checkouts

Sparse checkouts are another option.

  svn co --depth empty phpdoc
  svn co --depth infinity phpdoc/en
  svn co --depth infinity phpdoc/doc-base


A directory named 'phpdoc' (although you can change this, but the above uses it) will contain the two directories (en/ and doc-base/) so a test might be:

  cd phpdoc
  php doc-base/configure.php 

That'll configure and validate the checkout.


The above instructions (for svn:externals and sparse checkouts) checkout trunk from SVN. This is because the manual rarely uses branches or tags, but checking out via one of the above methods is certainly not required, but rather is meant to keep things simple.

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