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How do I install PhD?

There are many different ways to install PhD, including:

How do I manage using PhD from SVN using PEAR?


$ cd /my/svn/dir
$ svn co phd
$ cd phd
$ ls


$ cd /the/phd/svn/dir
$ svn up
$ pear install -f package.xml


$ cd /the/phd/svn/dir
$ svn up
$ pear upgrade -f package.xml

More information about using pear

$ pear help
$ pear help install options

Note: -f, --force : overwrite newer installed packages

Note: pear requires the channel be added (pear channel-discover The channel is available by default in recent pear versions.

How do I configure PhD?

Read the PhD Wiki page for further setup and configuration help. Also:

$ phd -h

By default, PhD attempts to build several themes (xhtml, bigxhtml, chm, and phpweb) and use .manual.xml that's first generated by configure.php

How do I use PhD with centric projects?

  • Short answer: Create a theme, and build.
  • Long answer: It's not yet friendly for this but two close examples of smaller projects that use PhD are: The PHP documentation howto and PhD guide.
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