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Creating a new DOC translation

This document describes how to create a new translation (phpdoc-{lang}) for the PHP manual. Substitute {lang} with the country code throughout this article.

  • Create the new mailing list and newsgroup by emailing systems to have this created. It'll be doc-{lang}
  • Test the mailing list (write a test email)
  • Create the new CVS module: phpdoc-{lang}
  • Copy .cvsignore from phpdoc to phpdoc-{lang}
  • Update CVSROOT/modules
  • Update CVSROOT/loginfo
  • Add {lang} to docweb for revcheck
  • Add {lang} to phpweb/includes/ as INACTIVE
  • Add the new {lang} mailing list to our super secret gmail doc account (user php.doc.lists)
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