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May 2009

Overall Agenda

  • PHP 5.3 status, wrap-up, and final release plan
  • Considerations for PHP 5.4: whether necessary, what to include, etc.
  • PHP 6 issues:
    • Solving performance issues (strings with [], etc.)
    • Resolving the current TODO list:
      • Finalize the scope of features: traits, 64 bit integer, etc.
      • What can be left until 6.1?
      • How do we clean up the codebase/cruft as much as possible?
      • Where can we break BC to make things better?
      • Can we unify certain functionality, i.e. making all array operations work with ArrayObject interface, etc.
    • Figuring out how to ease migration:
      • How do we test prominent codebases out there?
      • What steps can we take to let people write code in 5.3 that will run transparently on 6?
      • Etc.


  • Ilia (18th, 19th)
  • Wez (18th, 19th)
  • Andrei (18th, 19th)
  • Stas (18th, 19th)
  • Liz (18th, 19th)
  • Scott (18th, 19th)
  • Hank Janssen

Day 1 (May 18th)

Location: Chicago MS office (downtown Chicago) or Downers Grove office (suburb of Chicago). Both will require taxis or rental car from the PHPTek hotel.

Day 2 (May 19th)

Location: <undetermined> (possibly provided by Marco or Johannes (Sun))

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