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 <​del>​[[https://​github.com/​cpriest/​php-src/​issues/​6|https://​github.com/​cpriest/​php-src/​issues/​6]]</​del>​ <​del>​[[https://​github.com/​cpriest/​php-src/​issues/​6|https://​github.com/​cpriest/​php-src/​issues/​6]]</​del>​
-Allow syntax to use parenthesized syntax as well.+Allow syntax to use parenthesized syntax as well so that both a [TypeHint] and $value may be specified.
 <code php> <code php>
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 } }
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +The abbreviated syntax is also allowed as per 1.1 RFC.
 ==== read-only / write-only keywords ==== ==== read-only / write-only keywords ====
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