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Development pages for the new version of run-tests.php

These are the development pages for the new version of run-tests.php, the code which runs .phpt tests.

Initial requirements are listed here, additional ones will be added as we find them.

This is developer documentation, it contains information for people who work on and maintain the code

This is for users, there are instructions for checking out runnning and testing.

This is our current list of development items and the name of the person responsible for each one

Sometimes we have made a decision not to re-implement a feature of run-tests or to do something differently. The reasons for making such decions are recorded here.

Compatibility with the old version and checking that the parallel code gives the same results as sequential code are both important. The most recent state of testing is given here. * FAQs

This page configuration (the address is a bit screwy, but I won't change it as I've posted a link to it) has a list of currently implemented options, and whether we will re-implement or not. Yes means we will - blank means not decided, have asked for input on QA list.

Additional Options

  • Run tests in parallel?
  • XML or CSV or TXT (to replace HTML)
  • Option specify arguments to valgrind


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